Are you an adult who's always wanted to play ice hockey, but didn't know where to start? Do you have dreams of executing skating moves that you see in NHL games? Do you want to make a save? Or launch a slap shot from the point? Do you wonder how much ice skating you really need to learn? Can you buy equipment used? Do you join a league, or join some friends for practice ice?

First of all, you're not alone with these yearnings and questions. Since the 1980 Olympics (when I was 12 years old), I had harbored a dream of playing ice hockey. I called it my ice dream. In the early 1990's, I finally pursued the game with all the energy I had as a young man in my 20s. This site describes that pursuit, its rewards, the lessons I learned, and what you should consider as you try to play the fastest game on ice.

Ice Skating - The very first thing you should learn is ice skating. The better you skate, the better you will play. Ice skating is the one remnant of my game. I still ice skate regularly in the winter, and when I do, I dream about ice hockey.

Equipment - All gear is designed to protect the player. Here's a shopping list of things to acquire, and what you might be able to acquire used.

Playing - How do you go about "playing" the game? Where can you practice? How do you go about joining a beginner's league? I describe my experiences playing my favorite game.